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Upgrade the chemotherapy prescribing process

  • Censeo Rx is a software for the Management of Chemotherapy from Prescription to Production, which contributes to automation, documentation, and error avoidance when selecting and preparing chemotherapy regimens and cytostatic solutions.
  • It has a dynamic up-to-date database of all oncology protocols, performs calculations, and provides insights on prescriptions, dilutions, and drug administration procedures.
  • It contains algorithms that are based on clinical and laboratory data and can be utilized as an advisory when performing changes and modifications of chemotherapeutic regimens.
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User Friendly Interface
Quality & Safety
Cost Reduction
Mitigate errors

Chemotherapy Prescribing and Compounding Software

Practice Management


  • Schedules patients’ appointments based on chemotherapy protocols
  • Displays the sum of patients scheduled to receive their therapy during a specific day, week or month
  • The Hospital can review the day’s patients and prepare for their therapy beforehand
  • Improves scheduling and coordination

Improve documentation of patients' data

  • Patients' information is organized in fixed and intelligible formats, making it easier to re-evaluate patients' data
  • Patients' somatometric data, laboratory exams, diagnosis and therapy information are recorded in one system accessible to all users
  • Provides an auditable record of prescribed and administered chemotherapy

Export Data

  • CenseoRx allows data to be extracted automatically in a rapid, repeatable, less error-prone manner
  • Generates reports based on actual future requirements, improving purchasing capabilities and reducing inventory costs



Chemotherapy Protocols

  • Enables electronic ordering using approved protocols
  • Offers NCCN Protocol Database or custom protocol creation as designed by prescriber. Contains Oncology and Hematology chemotherapy protocols and Paediatric Cancer Protocols
  • Showcases the expected timeframe of the future chemotherapy cycles and ensures that chemotherapy prescriptions adhere to established guidelines
  • Treatment information is organized in a clear, consistent, and uniform format

Innovative Approach to chemotherapy prescription

  • CenseoRx brings all the right information together, improves workflow and guides doctors to better decision-making and improved outcomes for the patients
  • Ensures uniform approach for all orders and proper documentation through structured models
  • Minimizes errors by automatically calculating the proper dosage
  • Saves time and decreases the risk of errors by sending the orders directly to the pharmacy

Safety alerts

  • Provides clinical decision support alerts to enhance the safety and quality of the chemotherapy prescribing process
  • Prescribers have access to all relevant clinical data required to support safe and appropriate dosage selection
  • Dosage adjustments and treatment modifications are proposed based on the patient's latest laboratory values or organ function
  • Enables the doctor to easily create his own safety alerts

Chemotherapy electronic prescribing


Organizes Pharmacy department

  • Establishes communication between Pharmacists and Doctors
  • Displays the sum of the orders for a specific period. Easy access to orders
  • Presents critical information such as their priority status and the day to be administered and offers real time order status updates

Pharmacist Validation System

  • Gives access to Patients' data and allows validation on all chemotherapy orders. Empowers Pharmacists to verify that the right patient receives the right treatment
  • Facilitates Pharmacists to check all calculations as well as the preparation and administration details, through its structured templates, before a chemotherapeutic agent is dispatched

Preparation Instructions

  • Offers a customized Medicine Database
  • Performs calculations and reduces Pharmacists’ workload and risk for errors
  • Provides decision support that ensures correct compounding and infusion rates of chemotherapeutic agents and storage of left-overs

IV Workflow Management System


Adhering to Production Protocols

  • Enhances safety by complying with international drug manufacture standards
  • Provides accurate instructions in a step-by-step manner about reconstitution, dilution, labeling and storage of chemotherapeutic agents

Direct Communication with Automated Compounding Device

  • Designed and clinically tested to fully integrate with Automated Compounding Devices
  • Customized labels with generated barcodes for verification and automation of compounding and with QR codes for remote production

Chemotherapy Reports & Labels

  • Customizable labels with only patient-specific information are generated automatically

Dosing and Administration tab/ Customized Labels


Customized Installation

Full customization of databases and features of the system based on facility’s needs. Flexible solution, adaptable to institutions workflows


Our team will provide training to all relevant stakeholders – from Nursing and Medical Staff, to Administration, in order to ensure high quality service and proper compliance with relevant institution policies


Dedicated professional team of Doctors, Pharmacists, Nursing Staff and Software Engineers, always there to support each individual need

International Experience

A diverse team with extensive professional and academic experiences in major international Companies and Universities, that knows how to conduct business in an international environment

What Our Clients Say

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For us, CenseoRx is a perfect mix between innovation, professionalism and performance. By using CenseoRx, we have managed to almost halt the human errors, it facilitated the cooperation between coworkers and it enhanced the efficiency of the dilution process. More than that, it significantly decreased the time between prescribing and making dilutions, resulting in shorter waiting times for patients. Overall, it increased the quality of medical care and safety for patients and health professionals too.

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