Services provided in hospitals and health care units.


Production of Parenteral Nutrition Solutions within hospital clean room setting

      • Our team operates as an outsourced, in-house service for hospitals
      • We undertake the production of Parenteral Nutrition Solutions for Neonatal Intensive Care units within hospital facilities
      • Our highly specialized team with decades of experience in the field, together with our unique proprietary software solution NutriNet Parenteral ensures the highest degree of quality, safety and technical know-how

Chemotherapy/ Cytostatic Solutions Preparation

      • Our team operates as an outsourced, in-house service for hospitals
      • Utilizing our proprietary software Censeo Rx to facilitate the management of chemotherapy from prescription to production, our experienced production team can ensure hospital conformity to best practices and can modernize the production process of cytostatic solutions
      • Skilled production team can operate both with an Automated Compounding Device or can perform production manually
      • Full traceability is guaranteed and each solution is accompanied by its own label which indicates composition, dosage, intended patient, storage conditions, expiry details, etc.
      • Beyond the obvious benefits of safe production, our services constitute a great resource for prescribing doctors, who get access through our Software to a dynamic up-to-date database of all oncology protocols. This tool performs dosage calculations, contains algorithms based on clinical and laboratory data and can be utilized as an advisory when performing changes and modifications of chemotherapeutic regimens, amongst other valuable features

Production of Cardioplegic Solutions

      • Cardioplegia is one of the most important modalities of myocardial protection during heart surgery
      • Our team prepares cardioplegic solutions, within hospital clean-room settings, to be used during open-heart surgical procedures for congenital abnormalities

Nutrition Support to Colorectal Pediatric Patients

      • Our team undertakes the nutrition management of colorectal patients (mainly children)
      • Nutrition and diet play a very important role to patients undergoing colorectal surgery and due to the complexity of such conditions, patients may require nutritional care and support throughout their lives
      • Our team assess the nutritional status of such individuals and provides them with high quality individualized nutritional support treatment plans
      • We are firmly committed to providing optimal nutrition outcomes aiming at increasing the quality of life


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