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20 October 2023

Press Release: Software Solutions designed and developed in Greece are being adopted by hospitals in England and Germany

Innovative solutions designed and developed by Greek healthcare providers are being adopted by hospitals in the UK National Health Service (NHS) and Germany.

These novel software solutions are designed to facilitate the prescription and preparation of intravenous solutions (parenteral nutrition and chemotherapy).

Today, through the utilization of CibusMed’s software solutions, a company founded in 2017 by Greek entrepreneurs, more than 200,000 intravenous solutions are produced internationally annually and more than 50,000 in Greece. A volume which is expected to increase significantly after the upcoming installations in the UK and Germany. The software solutions are currently installed in hospitals and compounding centers in 10 countries in Europe and in Middle East.

The upcoming installations pertain to «NutriNet Parenteral», the company’s first software solution which was developed in 2017 for the management of parenteral nutrition. In 2022, the company also developed «CenseoRx», a software solution for the management of chemotherapy. This software contributes to the automation and documentation of chemotherapy and aids in preventing errors and eliminating costs.

Both software solutions contain therapeutic protocols and function as clinical decision support tools. They adopt a holistic approach and address every aspect of treatment, «from prescription to production»! Their success can be attributed to the fact that they are designed by healthcare providers that are also end-users of the software, ensuring that they meet real needs.

The implementation of these software solutions brings numerous benefits to doctors, patients, hospitals, and the healthcare system. Procedures are now executed expeditiously and with the utmost accuracy, while traceability is readily accessible. Furthermore, the adherence to clinical best practices is promoted, interdepartmental communication is streamlined, and the extraction of data for statistical analysis and estimation of treatment costs is enabled, which constitutes valuable insight for any institution.

It should be noted that these software solutions are designed to integrate seamlessly with any automated compounding device utilized by a healthcare facility, when production is not carried out manually.

According to Panos Papandreou, co-founder, CEO and Scientific Director of CibusMed: «Our goal is to enhance the safety and effectiveness of patient care and treatment, while also reducing the time required for the process. At the same time, we are addressing the issue of the limited technological integration both in Greece and abroad». It is important to note that according to a recently released survey report on Automated Medication Management, undertaken by the European Association of Hospital Pharmacists only 24% of respondents, representing healthcare facilities from 35 different European countries, stated that IV WorkFlow Management Technology is utilized within their institution.

George Papandreou, co-founder and CFO of the company, added, «The early adoption of modern systems is a significant advantage for hospitals, patients, and the healthcare system, as it leads to improved medication management and the modernization of the overall prescription and production process».


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