Management of Chemotherapy

from Prescription to Production

A CPOE system with a robust scientific basis

Management of PN from Prescription to Production

About CibusMed

CibusMed is an innovative healthcare company, that develops software solutions and delivers specialized pharmaceutical, nutritional and consultancy services, to a wide range of healthcare industry stakeholders, such as hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, compounding centers and private individuals in need of out-patient treatment.



Safety, Quality, Innovation Competitiveness and Devotion to the patient.

Our Healthcare Software Solutions

Capitalizing on our valuable end-user experience, we developed and license state-of-the-art software solutions to Health Care Facilities around the world. Our unique Computerized Provider Order Entry / Clinical Decision Support Systems, modernize the order and production processes and enhance adherence to safety and quality.

NutriNet Parenteral is an innovative medical device software for the Management of patients' Parenteral Nutrition, from Prescription to Production.

Censeo Rx is a software for the Management of Chemotherapy from Prescription to Production, which contributes to automation, documentation and error avoidance, when selecting and preparing chemotherapy regimens and cytostatic solutions.

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